Adding to Google Tag Manager

How to add the script to your GTM custom HTML field

Step 1 : Sign into your Google Tag manager account and "select your workspace"

you can find Tag Manager here :

Step 2 : Click on "Tags" from the left and "New"

Step 3 : Click on "Tag Configuration"

Click on the highlighted block, not on ‘learn more’

Step 4 : Find "Custom HTML" from the list

Step 5: From the Visitorscheck dashboard, select and copy all the text in the black box

You can find the code on your dashboard 

Step 6: Paste the script into the HTML field

Step 7: Choose a trigger below the Tag configuration screen: Select "All Pages" with the type "Page view"

Step 8: When done, click on "Submit" in the right top corner of the page

Step 9: Give a version name like "Exaple name"