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Since I’ve been using VisitorsCheck, I’ve noticed that the quality of my sales conversations has improved a lot. Because the company has already visited my website, I notice that they are more interested in my product and story.


Finding the contact details of sales leads can sometimes take a lot of time. I find it useful that I receive a notification from a visitor on my website via VisitorsCheck and that I can call them with one click. In addition, I immediately receive all information about the company, so that I can contact them quickly with sufficient information.


Because I’m not very technical, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to implement VisitorsCheck. To my surprise, the installation was very easy. When the 14-day trial was over, I immediately extended it, because the information about my website visitors was super interesting.


Very pleased with this tool! I like that all website visitors receive a score, so I know whether they have only been on my website for a short time or for a longer period of time.


I notice a clear increase in the number of sales leads and the software works very well and uncluttered. The data is also very up-to-date, as you can view it immediately after someone has visited your website.