About us

How frustrating is it when you know there are potential customers on your website, but you can’t figure out who they are? VisitorsCheck was established because I (Michael) experienced this problem in my own company, years ago.


Because my website had many visitors, but I had no idea who these visitors were, I decided to search for a tool that could give me insight into my website visitors.

After many hours of searching, comparing and trying, there was no tool that exactly matched my needs. I have tried out different tools, but in each tool there was something missing. One tool had absurdly high prices, another tool had a much too complicated installation and some tools did give me a clear insight into my visitors, but the contact and sales follow-up were not working smooth enough.

From my own experience, frustration and knowledge about lead generation software, I decided to develop my own tool in collaboration with various developers. In this tool we have incorporated all aspects that were missing from other tools. When the software was fully developed, I started using it on my own website.

Because I found the tool so useful, I decided to make it available for other companies as well.

We are now many years further and VisitorsCheck has developed into one of the largest lead generation software tools. Both large and small companies have been using the tool for years to turn their website visitors into leads and ultimately customers. To this day we continue to develop the software and add new useful features.