VisitorsCheck can be easily integrated with existing CRM-systems if your company is already using them. The data you collect with VisitorsCheck can be imported directly into systems like Hubspot of Salesforce. This provides you the easiest way to follow up on all your new salesleads.

VisitorsCheck can be linked to the following systems:

With VisitorsCheck you can see which companies are visiting your website. As soon as they visit your website, you will immediately receive a notification with all data such as company size and telephone number.

Create link

You can easily connect VisitorsCheck with the above systems within a minute in your account settings.

After making the connection, the leads that are collected by VisitorsCheck and the company information will be automatically placed in your linked sales management system.

How does it work

You will receive a notification when your website is visited. You can see the website leads with their associated score in your VisitorsCheck account.

The website visitor with the associated information is now automatically forwarded to your CRM-system.

Your new website lead will be added to your already existing leads in your CRM-system. Your salesteam can start working on the new leads directly from your own system.